What are your fees?

Fees for Counselling & Psychotherapy

We are a professional therapy practice working from warm & comfortable business premises in central Newcastle. This is in keeping with our straight forward approach to help you to sort out your issues and move on with your life. We use modern and traditional techniques in an integrative approach to your treatment. Since 1st August 2015 we charge you for individual sessions the first time we meet you.  It is important for you to feel comfortable with us and our way of working and there is of course no obligation to continue after the first session. For couples we do charge a full fee for the first session as, after carrying our research on this, this works best for both clients and ourselves. Therapeutically this seems to encourage a higher level of commitment and participation from the start of sessions.

Remember that by coming to therapy you are investing is something very worthwhile and valuable, something that you will take with you everywhere  – yourself! A standard counselling and psychotherapy fee of £60 is normally payable for each session. You may wish to reflect upon how much you pay for your car servicing or getting your domestic appliances fixed… Some lower fee slots are sometimes available based upon circumstance and availability. Please ask about these.

Fees are payable at the start of the session by cheque or cash or the fees can be paid monthly in advance. We take payment by debit or credit card and BACS can be set up either weekly or monthly in advance.

Sessions last 50 minutes and begin at the time booked.

The therapist holds your time available each week as the “same time same place” each week is an important element of therapy. If you advise us more than 24 hours in  advance we will look to find you an alternative appointment time but missed or cancelled appointments are charged in full.