What happens if I miss or cancel an appointment?

Cancelled or Missed Appointments

Your therapist keeps your appointment time for you every week as the “same time, same place” is an important element in therapy. An appointment missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.

At Reflexions Counselling and Psychotherapy we operate a policy that if you inform us in good time we will endeavour to arrange an alternative session in the same week. If this is possible and you attend the rearranged session on the same week this, there is no additional fee payable, just the normal sessional fee.

If your therapist is forced to cancel a session you will not be charged.

Ending Therapy

Often you will have agreed a “contract” to work on an issue for a set period of time (say ten weeks). The “contract” of work comes to an end when the sessions are completed, although the number of sessions may be extended beyond that first agreed following discussion with your therapist.

Endings are an important element in therapy  and it is important to discuss the end of therapy with your therapist so that it can be managed. This allows you to review with your therapist the work that you have done together. Notice of four weeks is usual and allows the process sufficient time.