What will therapy be like?

What will it be like?

What we do is to take care to find out about you and work up-front on the issues that you have agreed. It’s a practice based upon reality: a warm relationship, in which we collaboratively work to solve your issues. As the purpose of therapy has been agreed with you at the outset we move towards achieving your goals at your pace.

History repeats itself

If you consider  that we all develop habits  – a bit like history repeating  itself – then it is important to understand them in order to reformulate them and do something more positive.  Thus, at one level we might be working out what repetitive behaviours or thoughts cause a problem and how we might overcome these whilst at another level, the therapy may be providing an outlet for emotions and feelings which you become aware of having  blocked out. It is important to remember that this can make it uncomfortable when these come out.

What is the format of therapy?

The normal format is one where you bring whatever issue you wish and the work continues from there. It is difficult to describe the process as it needs to be experienced. The main format is verbal. However, it may be that we decide to work together creatively with images or imaginatively: it really depends on what is the most effective with the issues that you bring.  This way of working is all very open and inclusive and how you work with your therapist will be discussed. At Reflexions Counselling and Psychotherapy it is important to us that you are fully involved in this process.