Mens Counselling

Men are different! Being a man is different across societies and cultures which tells us that being a man is  determined by society. This has significant implications for counselling and psychotherapy for males.

Men don’t cry; Men are “strong”

What it means to be a man has changed and continues to evolve rapidly in our society.  This creates “shifting sands” placing demands upon men which are often difficult for an individual to sort by themselves. Although men experience a variety of issues, some are more common than others.

Common Issues in Men’s Counselling:

  • The difficulty of  expressing emotions
  • Anger management issues
  • Difficulties in expression of emotions in personal relationships
  • Depression
  • Substance misuse
  • Violence
  • Sexual issues


“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.”

Galileo Galil, Italian philosopher

Treatments for the issues that men bring are common, and fall into mainstream counselling and psychotherapy. The therapist will speak with you and you will be able to identify and work towards your identified goals in a supportive, non-judgemental way. Its not by any means “psycho mumbo jumbo” but practical steps to help you to get your stuff sorted.

How can Counselling for Men Help?

Counselling is a smart move which builds upon your strengths as it invests in you, enhancing your happiness and personal power.

In short men’s counselling helps you to:

  • Explore the problems you have been experiencing with an experienced therapist.
  • Reflect, refocus and react positively to current and new situations.
  • Consolidate your strengths and learn new skills and coping techniques.
  • Learn to effectively manage your moods and behaviour.
  • Take control of your life and develop more effective relationships.

Some Thoughts

Statistically more men are now seeking counselling and psychotherapy than ever. This seems to be linked to increasing awareness of mens health issues overall and perhaps a better awareness of the power of the mind-body link.

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Samaritans 24/7 phone support. You can talk to Samaritans at any time of the day or night. In the UK dial 08457 90 90 90

BAAM (British Association of Anger Management)
tel. 0845 1300 286
Support and training for men, women and children needing anger management and those who have to deal with someone else’s anger

Depression Alliance
tel. 0845 123 2320
Information and support for anyone affected by depression

Everyman Project
helpline: 020 7263 8884
Counselling for men who want to stop their violence

SURVIVORS (Male Rape/Sexual assault)
Tel: 020 7357 6677
Tuesday evenings from 7-00pm to 10-00pm.
Survivors is a  national men’s support self help group who will work with any male victim or abuse/rape survivor

Abused Boys – the neglected victims of Sexual Abuse
Mic Hunter
Fawcett Books, 1990 ISBN 0-449-90629-9

This has a collection of real situations that many survivors will be able to relate to and is particularly helpful for anyone dealing with childhood trauma.

Victims No Longer
Mike Lew
Harper/Perennial, 2004. ISBN 0-7493-1656-x

Often considered a classic on men abused as boys. It covers many many issues. Many buy to keep. Try amazon bookshops website.