The Benefits of Counselling

Therapy can be thought of as a way of helping you to enjoy your life more fully. Often the starting point is to clarify your needs and goals and what you want to achieve from counselling. Then, by helping you to more fully understand your present situation, the therapist will support you to explore and build new skills and strategies.

Through therapy and counselling you can gain more self-awareness about behavioural patterns, emotional responses and thinking which tends to create new understandings and a brighter, fresh perspective.

Perhaps you are noticing patterns in your daily life and relationships that you don't know how to change, and are tired of the same outcomes? Do you feel unfulfilled? Or do you feel that your relationships are in some way stagnant or end badly? Are you unhappy, or anxious, lying awake at night with the same thoughts going through your head? These are all issues that can be resolved through counselling or psychotherapy.

Do you Do Online Therapy?

Reflexions Counselling and Psychotherapy have offered online, web-based services to existing clients for some time. We are now able to offer this to new clients - particularly to help coping in the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Where are we Situated?

We are centrally located in comfortable business rooms in Newcastle where our highly qualified and professional therapists and counsellors will work with you in a focused, warm and collaborative manner to help you to resolve matters and achieve your objectives.

A Thought about Coping with Life

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way you deal with it is what makes the difference." Virginia Satir

Why Suffer? Life comes complete with unexpected twists and turns and ups and downs - but do you actually need to endure unnecessary, sadness, pain, stress or conflict? If you are struggling with an issue or not managing effectively our professional support can help you to get your issues sorted so that you are able to move on.

Our Quality & Standards

All of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists at Reflexions are registered with either the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), the BPS (British Psychological Society), or the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy). This complements their high and very lengthy post graduate training and experience in the public and private health care sectors. Our therapists adhere to the standards of their professional bodies ensuring that you also receive a high level of care.

What to Expect

Our main provision is long and short term psychotherapy and counselling - sometimes also called "talking therapies" The model we use is integrative which means that the therapy is matched to your needs. When you come to see us you will find the process to be very clear and transparent: in your initial session we explore your needs and then we agree a plan for the next period (usually six weeks). At this stage you will then be able to decide whether you have achieved your aims or whether you want to continue.It is not our business to promise "quick fix" cures as counselling and psychotherapy involve commitment and effort - but we have helped many people and it is likely that we can help you too.

Please get in touch. The button takes you to the contact page.


Self-Help Counselling Resources:

Included below are some general sources of information for support. Where you feel that you are in an immediate crisis the best advice is to phone your GP or the Samaritans (see below) and seek support.

The SamaritansThis service is available 24/7 and has teams of trained volunteers available to speak to at your time of need. They are definately worth speaking to if you are feeling low! The 24 hour helpline is on telephone: 0845 7 90 90 90. The title above is the weblink!

Living Life to the Full
This is a free to use life-skills programme. The main emphasis is through the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but there are areas including confidence, problem solving and thinking.

NHS Moodzone
This is a very useful NHS resource which contains a range of online information. The resources available are interactive and also include some video and other sources to keep your attention whilst you work to change mood.

Mind, acts both a spokesperson for mental health and as support. The website is reasonably comprehensive and you can also phone their infoline on Tel: 0845 766 0163 90

Mental Health Association
This is a British-based charity that again contains a good amount of helpful resources. The self-help pages are well worth looking at.

Personal Growth Articles
An American site but none the less, it does have some great resources which are self-help focused. Articles are good.

Psychology Info
Another American organisation. This one is very broadly focussed with general psychological information which covers a broad spectrum of topics. If you want to read around key subjects this site may well have what you are looking for.

The weblinks and more details can be found on the button below: