Invest in Your Life pt. 3: The Magic Number 7

Inward Investment: The Magic Number 7 & Feeling Good

Miller (1920 – ) is famous for demonstrating that our brains can’t deal with very much information at one time. If fact, you probably can only remember up to 7 random numbers or six letters or 4 or 5 words.  Try this by looking at the numbers below?

 2 4 6 7 8 0 9 7 2 3

Now hide the page and see how many you can write down. Most people can recall about 7. Chunking or grouping helps you to remember better.  Recalling  7 4 1 4 9 2 1 9 4 5 or TVFBIJFKCIAIBM would be helped if you see the sequence in the first and the acronyms in the second…

Because of how our minds work, it is therefore helpful to us to focus our efforts so that we are attending to (thinking about) things that matter.  However, you may find yourself thinking and worrying about things that you can’t influence. By definition, things that you can’t control are going to happen anyway DESPITE YOUR BEST EFFORTS.  Therefore, why spend any of your precious time or energy thinking about them?

Controlling the Controllables.

Worse still, lack of perceived control over our situation affects our wellbeing and our thinking. We get demotivated, fed up and stressed. Giving a footballing example, you’re not going to be helped if you are busy trying to control whether your team is going to win or not. This is because an individual player cannot control the output (winning), they can only control what they do (input).

Almost magically, as soon as they stop trying to control the uncontrollable they are set free and can focus on what they can do.  They then perform better, and feel better. And, more importantly, it makes a winning performance more likely for everyone.

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