Invest in Your Life pt. 1: “Training”

This is the first of a series of six short business focused articles that were written for a magazine. They are all centred on a key topic and are designed to be reflective on an important issue that relates to your happiness and fulfillment. Hope that you enjoy it.

Inward Investment: Are you on The Right Track?

Have you set yourself goals in your life? Goals are the currency of business. However, applying business thinking to your private life can cost you. Here the price you pay is to direct your focus to your future at the expense of your present. Considering the metaphor of life’s journey, you focus upon your destination but lose sight of the voyage. This is particularly true when life’s journey is rough, complete with its’ ups and downs, twists and turns. Furthermore, today’s fast pace of life often compounds the problem.

What is it that you could be missing if you focus on your destination? You might well have thought about this. However, many people have not.

Suppose that you have chosen the right track and are now speeding to the right destination. When you arrive, you look around, surprised. You are not where you expected. You have arrived yet, you are somehow incomplete. Equally, you may be on the right track but the environment in which you find yourself is making progress difficult.

Being “in the present” is closely tied into your “quality of life”. Quite simply, taking care of the present improves your life. The following tips will help you to bring into focus elements which affect your “quality of life” and help you to enjoy life’s journey

Life’s Journey in 5 Steps

  1. How do I enjoy the journey?
  2. Who do I want with me when I arrive?
  3. What do I plan to do when I get there?
  4. Where is it that I want to get to?
  5. How do I best navigate the barriers in my way?

Overall, the point is: Taking care of business really starts with the most important investment of all – you.

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Ken McLeish is Principal Therapist at Reflexions Counselling and Therapy in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Reflexions provides counselling and therapy for a range of issues including addictions. He can be contacted through the website: .

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